Hi Guys,
as my name suggests pg jules I am trying to get honest viewpoints on anyone who is currently working at Pure Gym or used to work for pure gym. I am currently still a customer but have some concerns on some of the conditions that both the Pt's have there and even some of the management.

Various review sites from other sites, suggest that even if you don't pay rent and work 15 hours for pure gym, that this is not all as it seems. As pt's have to cover sickness, and there is an unrelistic chance in some for the pt to make a sensible wage from pt'ing. Also heard that both assitant managers, and some pt's are forced to cover classes that they are not trained in.

From my experience at my local gym there seems to be a under current of fear, if you speak out of current working conditions you are kicked out... also you are not allowed time off for sickness even if suggested by the doctor as u kicked right out.

From my own club, there is an old pt that is a manager, that really shouldnt be the manager as he has repeated personal comments about other management and other staff personal life, both to other staff and customers. It's just not on...

My old trainer, and a previous one are seeking other to come forward at a future date soon, to do some kind of expose... I have made a contact with the press who is interested in running a story soon.. it would be nice if persons could contact me asap. If you still work for pg then we could arrange some sort of privacy ie not to reveal your full name or what gym you are at. Also interested in the training rooms connection and how Pure gym pays to get potential newbies... I have seen old adverts and I think they missold potential earnings.

Please feel free to private message me or leave a email contact here, regards, jules